Please enable donations using Bitcoin

Hi, I've been using Jopling since a while and I find it extremely useful, to the point that I would like to donate a bit to the project in return. Thing is that in my county (Argentina, but many others) there is a restriction on how people spend their money, specially regarding international payments.

I won't dig into personal beliefs or stuff like that, I'm trying to be as neutral as possible, in this case Bitcoin payments (specially using lightning network for cheap and instant payments) is a simple yet effective solution for all the people like me that want to collaborate but is unable due to external restrictions in credit card usage for international payments.

Please, at least consider the idea to supporting this payment method for the project and take into account that this situation is more common than what people thinks, I don't doubt that many FOSS enthusiast will react positively an will be able to give back a bit of value to this amazing software.

Thanks again for keeping this software moving forward :slight_smile:

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Despite the fact that we hear a lot about Bitcoins I've never seen it being supported by any major payment processor. None of the services I use such as PayPal, GitHub, Patreon or even the more independent ones such as Liberapay accept Bitcoins. If I wanted to accept Bitcoins I would need to register to one of these websites with insane security checks and provide a lot of information, and I might get 0.00000000000000015 bitcoins after 6 months (I've done it at some point).

So it's not really worth it. As far as I can see Bitcoins is for fraud, money laundering and other crimes but not suitable for legal activities. I certainly appreciate you asking though, and I think it means you can keep enjoying the app for free :wink: