Feature request - Multiple alarms to each note or task


I would like to suggest the option to insert multiple alarms to each note or task.
I think it will let Joplin more flexible. Can be used for project management for example.

It is useful for when making a note or task with multi activities.
Maybe the alarm could be linked to items in a ordered list of checkboxs.



Welcome to the community.

I've also faced an use case like this where multiple alarms could be useful but I've found that the easiest solution is to make smaller note / task with an alarm for each. These notes can then be put together in a notebook/sub-notebook to group them together. You could even make a master note and list links to the other notes with alarms here.

I think that a feature like multiple alarms per notebook would end up to be super confusing even if can be implemented.

Cheers !

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