Additional slide view for more than one note in the same layout

Hey there, I miss the opportunity to show more than one note in the same layout, no matter if editor or viewer. I would suggest an additional slide view with more columns (or lines) for different notes. That would make working with more than one note at the same time much easier.

Edit: → Joplin Desktop App (Linux)

One thing you can do here, at least for editing, is to make use of the external editor functionality. I can work on several files, and see them in VS Code or in Vim, or whatever I setup as the external editor.

I just tried something really cool! I have VS Code installed, so I just went to preferences (Mac desktop version) and in Preferences > General, placed /usr/local/bin/code (VS Code) in the text editor command path field. Then, when I click on the external edit link, it pops up in VS Code (which has preview mode! So I can view as I edit without going back to Joplin. But, what’s even cooler is that if I edit 2 or 3 files, they all go to the same VS Code Window!!!. So on my monitor, where I have a certain amount of space, I can edit/visualize several notes, and have Joplin desktop in my mac window, for example.

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+1 the ability to have more than one note open. It can be awkward when you want to copy text from one note to another or even create a link between notes because you have to leave the note you are editing to get the markdown link for the other note.

I found a feature request on GitHub from last year (1424) which suggested using tabs.

Sadly the feature request went stale and was closed in October.

However a commenter stated:

Since Joplin is built on top of Electron, it is totally doable. I found this related package:

I am not a coder so I have no idea if that comment is valid!!!

I remember that Laurent mentioned that multiple tabs won’t happen. But maybe that’s changed.