Add megasync as Synchronization target

Hello, joplin team

Please add (megasync) as synchronization target option.



I agree, this would be helpful. As far as I know they have a HTTP API and some client libraries/SDKs.

I’m looking for this too

EDIT: Disregard. This seems to be an uphill battle from everything I’ve read. The reason I abandoned Dropbox and moved to Mega was because of Dropbox’s lack of encryption control for the user. But since we can encrypt our notes in Joplin, I’m just going to use Dropbox for that with Joplin’s encryption enabled. Problem solved - I can get my notes sync’d on my Android phone now.


Fair enough, I still think the diversity is good.

Is there some kind of contributor guide specifically with respect to adding a new sync backend?

Has there been any progress on this item? I am currently using Dropbox, but for various reason I want to get away from Dropbox and I am not comfortable with the other options.

@calvin welcome to the forum.

From Mega’s own support pages.

Can I upload data using FTP, SFTP, webDAV or similar?

We cannot provide Drive Mapping, SFTP, FTP, AFP, SMB or webDAV service capability. None of these protocols can be supported due to MEGA’s client-side encryption.

Others on this forum have tried workarounds. Try searching this forum for Mega.

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Thanks for your reply. I’ll take a look at some of these other options.

I'll reply here as its probably the first place mega folks will find.

You can currently use Mega and its easy on the desktop (at least on Linux where I tried) - you just sync to the file system and sync to a folder in mega.

The harder bit is mobile sync. This is what I had to do:

  1. You need physical files on your mobile to use file system sync with. This can be handled using the FolderSync android app - it works really well and syncs with Mega
  2. I tried first syncing desktop joplin to mega and then syncing the mobile joplin with that but it fails
  3. The joplin mobile file system sync is a bit annoying because you have to know what the absolute path is which on android is /storage/emulated/0/<YourJoplinFolder>
  4. What I had to do was first get the mobile app syncing (I think it includes some extra hidden files) then sync this with FolderSync to mega and then sync this with the desktop Joplin
  5. Once that sync is setup, you can add other Joplin mobiles and desktops and they should work

This is still a bit of a pain though, I'd still rather have a mega provider. If I'm feeling enthusiastic one morning I might have a look what is required.

thanks for the tutorial. Tried it today and it worked... Kinda...
The problem I ran into was I could sync notes from Android to Linux edit them there and sync them back. But any new notes generated in the Linux-App wouldn't show up in the Android App.
I also noticed that, if I sync the Linux-App first, the Android-App would produce an error upon syncing cause it couldn't handle the .json file from the PC.

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I've been having issues too. I hit conflicts multiple times and worst of all notes can get deleted.

The time difference between Joplin Android sync -> FolderSync -> Mega -> Desktop Mega -> Desktop Joplin has quite a few points of failure.

I mean, I guess, 95% of the time it works fine.

One thing I'm currently considering is to have two separate profiles - one for mobile and one for desktop. Then I'd make the desktop read-only for the mobile profile and the mobile read-only for the desktop profile.