SYNC WITH MEGA or through filesync

Sorry guys, I’m a newbie and I definitely need your help. I have a Mega account and I tried to sync my notes there via webdav, since MEGAcmd supports it. Nevertheless, I can’t do it. I followed step by step the suggestions and typed this:

:config sync.6.path
:config sync.6.username
:config sync.6.password
:config 6

Why it doesn’t work? This feature is so useful, I need some way to sync my stuff!
I read also that some people save everything in a local folder and then use third party cloud filesync (for me it would be MEGAsync). How do you do it? Can you give me some advice? I can’t figure out this stuff alone, just by browsing the manual…

Thank you very much!

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I wonder if taking mega’s base url and replacing www with webdav will work. That’s how pCloud and a few other services seem to do it. Then, you just insert your username and password where it requests it in the Joplin apps configuration section.

It doesn’t work…

You need to install the MEGAcmd software that runs a local proxy and use that to sync, I guess.

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I’m using Mega and trying to synchronize through filesystem.
It works fine on Windows.
On Android it seems that MegaSynch is not synchronizing the 3 .xxx folders that Joplin uses.
Is there a workarround for this?
Best regards

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It's not, or you don't see them in Android file explorer? What is the error?

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Hi Laurent
It seems that the problem was with MegaSync that was not downloading the .xxx folders, my file explorer is set to show hidden files, they appeared.
I executed again now and it seems to be working… the folders are there but I do not know if they were created by Joplin or downloaded by MegaSync. But it seems to be working and synchronizing properly now.
Thanks anyway

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Same here. Now it’s working on Mac for me. On mobile there has to be some kind of problem with Mega or Android, since as @tessus explained here it’s not a Joplin issue.

I got this working on Android by using the file system sync to a folder on the phone storage and then the FolderSync app to sync this to mega.

I had to make sure that I first synced my mobile joplin to a mega folder and then synced that folder with the desktop.

I also suggest people here like the post asking for a mega sync target:

I think you should use the FolderSync (sorry, I cannot add link here) app on Android, it supports Mega too :slight_smile: .
So, you use folder sync in joplin, and sync this folder with FolderSync with Mega.
I will try this now, and if I will not forget, then I will write my experiences :slight_smile: .