Add a todo from the web clipper

In my daily use, I would find it very interesting to be able to add a todo from a selection directly from the browser extension.

Hey, if you got time, would you mind elaborating on the use case?

For example:
what kind of pages it is useful to mark as to do?
what kind of workflow does it serve?
are there similar solutions by other note taking providers?
could you illustrate on an example where this feature may be particularly valuable, i.e. saves a lot of time/effort?

Hi @graphit0

I realize that I never responded to your request (shame on me).

The usefulness of being able to create a task from the web clipper would be great for me:

  1. I select a passage of an email I am consulting from a webmail. A "copy selection as todo" would be great.
  2. I'm reading an article that looks interesting but I have to stop in the middle. A "copy URL as todo" would be great so I don't forget to finish reading.

Since I'm using a GTD type approach with an "INBOX" notebook in Joplin it would allow me to quickly capture information to sort through, including todos. The web clipper keeps track of the last selected notebook so I could capture everything in Joplin super fast using the keyboard shortcuts.

Perhaps it is to fill this type of need that some have developed a chrome extension (@benlau).

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