Notebook default “entry-is-todo”

How about a setting on the notebook to say that any new note in it is automatically created as a todo? This would make creating todos from the web-clipper very simple. This would allow me to create a “Read Later” notebook with “default todo” specifically to use with the web clipper. Even without the web clipper it would be handy because I oftentimes use Command-N when I mean to use Command-T (even though I am already in my “@Todo” notebook context).

I assume this property would cascade down to sub-notebooks.

I don’t intend for this to prevent turning a todo back in to a normal note within (or moving normal notes into) a “default todo” notebook.

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That would only make sense for the web clipper since the apps have New Note / New To-do buttons.

Maybe the clipper should have a “Clip note” / “Clip to-do” too instead of the “Confirm” button.