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Shortcut/hotkey for the web clipper

The Evernote web clipper has a shortcut, which makes clipping much faster than mousing over to the extension icon every time. I’d love to add one to Joplin!

(I didn’t see anything in the docs about one in Joplin, but I may have missed it.)


Indeed there’s no shortcut at the moment. I don’t know how to add this to extensions actually so if you can figure it out that would be great.

A shortcut would indeed be great. But I see one issue:

  • finding a good one (so that it doesn’t interfere with the “hopefully-some-day-in-the-future” global shortcut of opening Joplin)

We can avoid this by finally introducing the record-your-own-shortcut system, but this might be too complex for this simple change.

@tessus are you suggesting a shortcut editor in the desktop/Cli app, in the web clipper, or both? I agree that any shortcut should either be configurable or at least we should be able to turn it off.

@devonzuegel I did some quick searching and it looks like you can do it using the commands feature of WebExtensions at least in Firefox. I’d be willing to take a stab at this since I’ve been wanting to dive in to the WebClipper code anyway.


@marcush both actually. It was planned (or at least in the back of Laurent’s head) at one point. Should we ever add it to the desktop app, it shouldn’t be too hard (famous last words) to add that code to the clipper afterwards.

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Awesome @marcush! I’d be happy for you to take it, I have plenty of other little PRs I’m working on during this vacation. Happy to help too though, whatever you prefer.

I'll take it. Happy for the chance to contribute more! Also, I very selfishly want to see your mobile list continuation PR finished :slight_smile:. So happy you got that working!

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So I finally got time to look at this and a shortcut just to launch the extension is dead simple using built-in WebExtensions features. This has the double benefit of allowing users to change the shortcut themselves without building a shortcut editor.

Using WebExtensions commands for each of the individual options (“Clip simplified page”, “Clip full page”, “Clip screenshot”, etc) would also be doable if a bit more work to make sure we launch the extension first as the first step. Again, it looks like we could define the shortcuts and use native browser utilities to override them.

I also tested out the Evernote extension that you referenced and that looks like a bit more work to mimic. They’ve got an interesting little preview overlay and the way they’ve implemented the shortcuts really shouldn’t be done without a way to edit/turn them off imo. It might be nice to have, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the investment given this thread:

I wasn't sure if this was added but there is a PR #2272 that added the ability

Find or set Firefox shortcuts in Manage extension shortcuts:


However it seems that only the Activate toolbar button option works currently but it's better than nothing...