About the web clipper (selection option)?


Is it possible that some sites prevent the web clipper from capturing a text selection ?

Do you have an example? Some websites do seem to structure their pages in such a way that the clipper seems unable to read it and some (like the 'internal' chrome and firefox pages) can exclude it from working entirely.

Hi @Daeraxa

Yes sorry it was not very precise :wink: . For some time I have been using a protonmail account. Until then I could easily select part of the email in the protomail webmail and capture it in Joplin. A recent update of their webmail seems to make this practice impossible. It captures the title of the page but not the text selection...

I use them as well and they are definitely doing something weird, if you look at the page source the actual body of the email isn't even part of the page. This is all you get:

<div class="message-content relative bg-norm color-norm overflow-hidden pt1 pb1 px1-25" data-testid="message-content:body">
    <div class="message-iframe p1">
        <iframe title="Email content" src="about:blank" scrolling="yes" class="w100" data-testid="content-iframe" data-subject="EMAIL TITLE" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox" style="height: 280px;" frameborder="0">

So I'm not surprised the clipper can't find it. Good news is that the email plugin is part of GSoC so hopefully that will solve the issue by way of an alternative method.

It's amazing indeed :thinking:

Yes, I completely agree with you. It will solve the problem at least for my personal account... my pro account which will remain blocked in a corporate Outlook OWA system will unfortunately not be eligible because IMAP is blocked...

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