A note about Web Clipper

The Features mention the Web Clipper.

I've been using the free "Greenshot" since 2013.

[The following is just a cut-paste, so I haven't wasted any time.]

I can take screenshots from anything, including from within emails. There's a flexible rectangle, which means you don't get those annoying full-page captures simply to show the "X" at the top right of your screen (as in Brink's otherwise excellent TenForum tutorials).

Here's he clincher for me (maybe Web Clipper does this). Normally, you can't take a screenshot of a popup. The popup closes as soon as you touch it. The solution is to specify a "capture delay", such as 7000milliseconds. That gives you time to show the popup, arrange the flexible rectangle, then wait patiently for the remaining time. The mouse pointer arrow can be shown or hidden, as an option.

Webclipper is nothing at all like a screen capture program. It captures a webpage or perhaps a simplified webpage. Say a news article is 5 pages long. there are left columns with ads or other articles, right column with other crap. images in the article. almost a page of crap links at the bottom. A simplified page will usually be able to capture the article and the images without any of the crap for the five pages, plus allow you to add tags and send it to any folder. The info on the article will link back to the original article. The clip is in Markdown so there are searchable words etc.

Screen clipping is something different.

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