2024-07-05 - Android synchronisation status - Select, copy and share text

Forked from 2024-04-29 - Problems synchronising with the Android app and the Joplin Cloud - #46 by Coffee

I am requesting this feature because it would make it easier to analyse the many error messages and conflicts in the database.

Currently - Joplin 3.0.7 (prod, android) - you can see the resource IDs of elements in the synchronisation status, but you cannot copy them to be able to search for them manually with the debug tool, for example.

Feature request:
The results of the synchronisation status should also be selectable in Android, so that these complex IDs can be copied and passed on to other functions or other apps. Alternatively, a share function would be nice, with which the synchronisation status result can be passed on to other apps such as NextCloud.

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