2024-06-14 - Feature Request - Android - Number of items in a notebook

As in the Windows app, the number of items contained in a notebook should also be displayed in the Android app. This applies in particular to the notebooks Conflicts and Conflicts ( Attachments )



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Please also have a look at

+1 for this, particularly on large screens.

At present, it's possible to see the number of notes in each notebook from Configuration > Tools > Synchronization Status, but this is a bit difficult to find.

I use the synchronisation status every day when I enter the values in my logbook. What I miss there is the number of items in the folder Conflicts (Attachments) – sometimes I had to count over 400 conflicts (attachments) manually on Android and iPad. This is very time-consuming and prone to error.

If the number of conflicts (attachments) were also displayed in the synchronisation status, that would help me. This applies to Android, iPAD and Windows – and probably also to Linux.

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