[Android] Copy/export rich text or as attachment

Use case: I took some notes at a conference on Joplin.
I tried to send a copy of the notes to some friends. I didn’t find any ways of sharing or sending the note as an attachment (HTML, PDF, ePub, …)

I resorted to copy/paste, and it copied just plain text, all bullet lists and other formatting lost.

I believe such a feature to be quite handy.

If you go in the top right menu, there should be a “Share” option which allows you to send the note, as markdown, by email, sms, etc.

Just checked my Android version of Joplin.
I have the following entries:

Attach photo
Attach any file
Convert to todo
Copy Markdown link
Show metadata
View on map
Export Debug Report
Encryption Config

Update: Btw, there’s no way to see the version in the app. I have to check the Google AppStore to find the installed version. It’s 1.0.124

Oh I’ve implemented this a month ago but looks like I’ve never released it. So it will be part of the next release then for both Android and iOS.

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Could you add the version of Joplin to the status page? It’s easy to spot the version in the desktop version by clicking on About, but it’s rather inconvenient on mobile…

(Sorry to be off-topic.)

Yes that should be relatively easy, I’ve added a task for it https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/599