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Youtube embed

Hello, when adding youtube videos using the embed code the options to view fullscreen or go to youtube is not working in Joplin.
Hope this can be implemented in futher version.


The purpose of the app is to create and manage notes and attachments, so you know that if you create a note 10 years from now it will still be readable and all attachments will be available.

That’s not true of YouTube videos as whatever you link today might be gone tomorrow. So for that reason video links aren’t supported and probably won’t be supported.

As you already accomodate embedding of youtube video why not fine tuning this so users can have better use of it. Seems strange to me why you bother if a user cannot use a link anymore.
It is his/her responsibility to use it and know the advantages and disadvantages.

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As you already accomodate embedding of youtube video

Actually we don’t. The editor supports HTML so certain things might work even if we don’t explicitly support them, and that’s the case with YouTube videos. That being said, if someone can make a simple fix to provide full support for it, I won’t be opposed to it.

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I would really appreciate if this could be accomplished by someone. Thanks!

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Actually, I get your point, laurent:

  1. Yes, it matters if links are useable and notes containing hundreds of references to non-existing files will be of next to no use and impossible to fix for a user in such a situation. This shgould be avoided.
  2. The solution could be to allow downloading media content - nit just YOuTube, but also Soundcloud and whatnot. Ideally, this could be implemented as a kind of open link that allows for little snippets of code to be written in order to add new sources.
  3. These media files could be stored within the folder for the rest of the entry, maybe in a subfolder with the name of the extension

I wished for this a thousand times, as often I need media files alongside with a note. For now, I separately download the file, put it in a folder and link to it from within the note. It is quite a cumbersome process.

The same goes for embedded content from the likes of Twitter or Facebook, as can often be found in articles quoting from such sources…

If you have the video direct link or local file, it can work around with video tag, but it will be deleted if you use WYSIWYG edit mode.

Video tag sample:

For youtube video, I tried Iframe tag and Object tags, but they are not working.
Iframe Object tag sample:

Ahah! but you all are forgetting about youtubedl. No need to rely on the future of youtube.

(I signed up here to request video embeds)