X-callback-url doesn’t stop running - iOS

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Hey there.
I am new to Joplin and really love it so far. I use it via IPad and IPhone.
To manage my to Dos I created notebooks for the week (Monday - Sunday) .
I thought it would be great to open the actual day in Joplin with the action button (iPhone 15). To realize it I use the x-callback-url open folder. It works great so far BUT even I use the „else and end“ the shortcut keeps running after opening Joplin.
I don’t know what to do. Seems like there’s no back message from Joplin Oder something like that.
Do you have any ideas ?


Just tried it as a simply one action shortcut - and the same issue. So I really think there’s a Joplin response missing.
Does anyone know a solution here ?

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