Any devs familiar with macOS and Electron here?

There's this PR I was working on that adds support for URL links.

It's done for Linux and Windows but for macOS it's not working. I have no experience with macOS and don't even have dev environment set up, so can't make any progress here.

Would anyone be interested in helping out?

Additional info:

open-url is called when the app has already been started. However, when the app is not running, opening the joplin:// URI will start the app, but open-url is not called.

Thus, when Joplin is open, everything works perfectly. When Joplin is not running, a joplin URI will only start the app, but will not do anything else.

Have you tried this?

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I remember correctly that you can get parameters from process.env at startup. . .

ref: Awesome Frontend

Yes, unfortunately I tried that too: will-finish-launching does not work either