With Tor browser, Joplin Web Clipper doesn't work

Joplin works perfectly in all browsers … except in Tor. When testing it, it indicates “Service status: Not found”. Is there something that must be configured specifically in this browser? In doing so we are sacrificing privacy? Or simply nothing can be done?


I changed the title, because I’m pretty sure you meant the web clipper.

As for your question, you probably should ask this in the forum for the Tor project.

Two very timely observations. Thank you.

Maybe you are lucky and someone has some info here as well, but I think the Tor forum might be more helpful. The clipper checks for an open port on 41184 and connects to it. It ssems strange that Tor would block internal connections, but who knows.

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Well I have the same problem and the Tor Browser is blocking the request:
1/17/21, 17:11:59.100 [WARN] Rejecting SOCKS request for anonymous connection to private address [scrubbed].

And I found a solution now which also works but makes you a bit more vulnerable for fingerprints from outside:

It's not recommended to add any add-on to this browser. Furthermore Joplin clipper has not been audited about security and privacy.