Windows OS FUBAR'ed, no JEX, have backup of user folder - how to restore?

Joplin 2.7.13 (prod, win32)
Sync to Dropbox.
Encryption enabled
1 Windows 10 desktop, 1 Android device.

My Windows operating system had serious issues and I was unable to launch Windows, and was forced to do a reset. I don't have a current JEX backup, but I do have an image of the entire disk containing the prior Windows system, including the joplin-desktop user folder.

Will the following sequence work, meaning both sync and encryption will work?

  1. install Joplin
  2. prior to running Joplin, delete the newly created joplin-desktop user folder and replace with backup joplin-desktop user folder
  3. launch Joplin

Yes this should work fine.

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Worked great, thanks.

Minor tweak:

  1. install Joplin
  2. launch Joplin - in Windows, this step creates the C:\Users\username\config\joplin-desktop folder
  3. File --> Quit to exit Joplin
  4. rename the joplin-desktop folder
  5. copy backed up joplin-desktop folder to C:\Users\username\config\
  6. launch Joplin
  7. if E2EE is enabled, you are prompted to enter master password

In some ways, this is superior to restoring from JEX backups because it keeps your settings, plugins (I have a dozen or so) and plugins' settings, so it saves a lot of time relative to restoring from JEX backups.

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