SIMPLE solution to backup Joplin offline for future restore without internet

Operating system


Joplin version


Desktop version info

Joplin 2.13.12 (prod, win32)

Client ID: f9d3ab592604443095ce262543b83621
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 44
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: e027cdc

Outline: 1.5.13
Simple Backup: 1.3.6

Sync target


What issue do you have?

I've installed the backup plugin, but having some issues, things just aren't working.

Seen some CLI solutions etc...but too complicated for me!

Is there a folder I could paste somewhere and it all works?

I use both Joplin portable and desktop on C drive, looking for a way to backup and could be able to restore without interent or without depending on any future releases, like an encaputlated eternal backup!

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What does not work?

I do a "Simple Backup" on a 24 hour schedule and keep it for months and months on a USB 2TB dedicated SSD. I've restored these dozens of times (I tend to delete first, regret later) with zero problems. Perhaps the difference between a single JEX file and multiple/individual JEX files could be explained in more detail for the novice when it comes to keeping internal links (single-good, individual-bad) but that's about it. Never tried any other format than JEX so maybe that's the issue.


I use the portable version on Windows. I have multiple "parent" notebook categories, then within them are notebooks for sub topics then eventually notes.

Periodically I export each parent notebook category as JEX file for backup. Not had any issues at all restoring them locally (File >Import >JEX). When allowed online to sync they sync to other devices no problem

I create JEX file and store it in a safe place (external disk, remote location ...).
That's all. Restore is simple.

How do I do:

"I do a Simple Backup" ?


How do I create a JEX file?

How do I restore it?


I don't know where to start, click on things and try things, can't pin point, would need to make video, but basically I have no clue what I'm doing and need help with this!

I don't use the backup plugin, I haven't investigated it but I assume you'd just provide a backup location & set whether you want manual backups or automatic backups.

For the Windows portable version to manually backup & restore:


  • Right click either the notebook or note
  • Select Export - JEX (Joplin Export File)
  • Choose the backup location
  • You can do this as often as you like & keep as many backups as you like
  • Keep the backup/s safe


  • Make a copy of the entire JoplinProfile folder (it's in the same location as Joplin Portable) & keep it in a safe location


If you manage to accidentally delete a notebook/note or somehow you deleted your JoplinProfile or if you just want to keep a fresh copy of Joplin Portable on your keyring flash drive or whatever

  • In Joplin, File >Import JEX (Joplin Export File)
  • Select the backup JEX that you want to import


  • Put a copy of your backup JoplinProfiles folder in the same location as Joplin Portable

It's as simple as that

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Ok. Perhaps this will help. It is very simple.

  1. You already have the plugin "Simple Backup"
  2. Now Tools / Options / then choose the SECOND Plugins on the menu at the left.
  3. Next choose backup
  4. Now the backup option appear and everything is "simple"

there are a few options. Where do you want your backup, how many copies, One huge file or a separate file for each folder.

Probably you didn't know where to find the options. Most plugins have their options there under plugins.

I am using that, but there is no restore button on Joplin destination instal, and I looked inside the backup folder and it's TOTALLY different than destination folder.

So I have 2 problems:

  1. I can find the backup folder, but don't know what to paste where in new install
  2. There is no restore button

Additionally, after digging in the backup folder, there are no images nothing, only a few files

What am I missing here? :grin:

We have already told you exactly how to do this, it's the most simple process possible. I've now installed the Simple Backup plugin into Joplin Portable & created a backup. Here is how to import:

  1. Open Joplin Portable (wherever it's stored is irrelevant)
  2. If you want, you can delete all the "Welcome to Joplin" notes
  3. Select File >Import >JEX - Joplin Export File
  4. Navigate to the Joplin Simple Backup folder - it looks like you called your JoplinBackup. Double click to open it. Depending on how you configured your Simple Backup plugin inside here you will either see individual note .jex files OR a single .jex file called all_notebooks.jex. Select this
  5. Within a short time your notebooks & notes will be restored

That's it, but please shout up if you are still struggling with it.

I would recommend configuring the Backup plugin to back up your entire notes into a single file because this way it will retain any links between notes. If you ever need to only restore one individual note you can create a new instance of Joplin Portable, restore the full backup to it then export the required note individually. From there restore that individual note into your normal Joplin instance

The Backup plugin is great so I'll carry on using it, I won't have to keep remembering to manually backup!

If there isn't anything in your backup folder, and it is the backup folder specified in the backup options, then no backup is getting done. Lots of reasons possible. You turned the computer off. Or, your desktop is actually OneDrive/desktop, and you are in the wrong place because windows fooled you. Or perhaps you set a 24-hour backup interval and didn't wait 24 hours. Who knows.

You'd be better off making a backup folder for many of your backups. Notice I do it right off the root of my data drive, and many programs backup to it in separate folders. Every night that folder is copied to an external drive and also to a cloud backup. A backup to the same drive as you have your data on, is convenient but does not protect you from a drive failure.

There is no button to restore. You need to import the JEX files Simple backup exports.

Unlike Zimmer, I backup individual notebooks on the theory that the less I restore the less chance there is of a problem, and I do not crosslink any notes so I don't have the problem. I might be entirely wrong though and I've got so many notebooks, it makes a lot of backups. But I only backup what's changed, so the backups of my backups are smaller.

Ok that worked, I was looking for "file>import" in backup plugin tab, but it's actually in main tab!

So there restore worked fine, all images show up, but where are they in the restore location folder?

Did a .png and .jpeg search , but nothing in there, they are however showing up!

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