Windows desktop app - caret gradually moving away from text


First of all, many thanks for this great application!
After installing it on my Windows 10 desktop, I noticed a strange behaviour of the caret while typing: it would gradually move farther away from the text in each line.
At the beginning of each line, it is on its normal position, while at the right end of each line it is approx. 8 spaces away from the last typed character…
Thanks for any feedback.

Do you use a custom font? In which language do you write?

Indeed, it happens with every custom font I tried, but doesn‘t with the monospace font.
The language was set to german.
Thank you for the hint and all the best.

Hi! I have the same issue with the linux app, I write in French.

Hmm, yes the editor only supports monospace fonts at the moment. I will mention that in the doc.