Show caret when selecting text by default

Show caret when selecting text by default

Default behavior

When some text is selected the caret disappears and it creates problem when selecting text over multiple lines.


A better default would be to show a blinking (or static) caret while text is selected, and maybe a preference checkbox for users who don't prefer having a caret while selecting/focusing text.

I have to admit it isn't something I've ever even noticed in any application before so I did some checking to see what the behaviour was in other editors (+ some other things).


  • VSCode
  • Atom
  • LibreOffice Writer

No caret

  • Joplin
  • xed
  • MarkText
  • Trilium
  • (Firefox)

Ultimately it isn't something I've ever noticed before so I can't say I have a particularly strong preference either way but if pushed I would say it should be displayed.

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Sorry, what caret are you talking about? Is this a mobile thing?

It is just the flashing text cursor and whether it should appear or not when things are highlighted.


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