Windows and Android Joplin couldn't sync by webdav

Hello everyone! I'm a new uaer of joplin and I just transformed from Evernote. I use webdav for sync in my Aliyun clound service, which is a Chinese cloud service like Amazon EC2. The setting file of webdav like this:

version: '3'
    image: bytemark/webdav
    container_name: webdav
    restart: always
      - "1900:80"
      SERVER_NAMES: xxxx
      AUTH_TYPE: Basic
      USERNAME: xxxx
      PASSWORD: xxxx
      - /home/ubuntu/joplin/data:/var/lib/dav

I used docker-compose -f joplin.yml up -d to run the webdav service and sync well in windows and android mobile phone.
Last night I decide to encrypt my notes. First I backuped the notes in PC, then I begin encrypting the notes in my phone. It took me nearly the whole day and the progress is only about half. So I decided to drop the encrypting.
I stopped the sync in mobile phone and deleted the webdav data files. I want to upload the unencrypted notes from PC. But I Found it failed. In the PC client of Joplin, it displayed like this:

SyntaxError:Unexpexted token < in JSON at position 0.

Then I found that the android mobile phone client also failed in sync, I post the log below:

The network is good, I can login my service, and when I pasted the url of webdav into the brower, it can open the page and ask me to login.
and both in pc and phone, the setting check of sync were passed.

The version in Windows is 2.4.9, and the version of android is 2.4.3.
I restarted the webdav and restarted the service, no use. So are there anybody know what's the problem? Thank you very much and please forgive my poor English!

The problem has solved. I tired to sync in another windows computer, which is in my office and the version of joplin is 2.3.5. It was sucessful. Then the android mobile phone and the computer in my home can sync. I imported the backup file. It is all normal now. I will never to try to encrypt the notes again.

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