Anyone here using joplin with yandex webdav or any webdav on android?

Hi, I am trying to sync joplin notes with yandex webdav. I get this error:
https:// ibb. co/4WKq8ZB
There is no problem when I apply the same settings in windows.

Maybe I did some settings wrong. If there are other yandex users here, can it be said how they configure the sync settings? I am tryings use this: ht tps://w ebdav. yandex. ru/joplin
I posted this issue on github. but maybe it's not a problem and it's caused by me. Therefore, I am posting this post to learn the configurations of webdav users here and try it myself.

I'm using samsung android 8 no root phone. I downloaded latest version from google play.


I thought it doesn't officially support WebDAV. Could be wrong though

How to setup Yandex WebDAV

  1. Go to your yandex profile
  2. Go to Passwords and authorization > Enable app passwords
  3. Create a new password > Files > Type in "Joplin" (could be any name)
  4. Copy password and input this password in Joplin sync settings as WebDAV password
  5. WebDAV URL should be joplin folder where you'd like to store the sync files)/
  6. WebDAV username: your yandex username
  7. "Check sync configuration", if OK, proceed to sync

Yandex and joplin support webdav officially. I am using it on windows without any problem.

I exactly did same thing before posted this. Even folder name is same. When i click "Check sync configuration" it says OK. But when i click to sync button i get error that i linked on post.
No problem on windows 10.

If it's only mobile issue, make sure that during initial sync the screen stays on and the app is in foreground. Joplin doesn't have background sync on mobile.

Also, it does look similar to other support topic

Maybe there's some illegal character in the note referred in the error?

No, The problem was not in webdav or notes. It's not even directly related to joplin.

Luckily I was able to find the solution.
I search the error on google as "unexpected char 0x131 at 0 in".
I saw a github link on google. Clicked it. There was a discussion where it was said that the upload feature of an application called Rocket chat did not work in Turkish.
I changed the language of my phone to English. (Not the language of Joplin, but the language of the phone.)And once again I synced. And I got no errors. After synchronizing once, I no longer have a synchronization problem, even though I change the language to Turkish as before. To make sure of that, I deleted and reinstalled the app. Again it only worked in english. After the first synchronization is completed, there is no problem if I change the language to Turkish.
Here is github discussion:
Here is another user has same problem:
I've also seen users having other sync problems in google play comments in turkish language. I wrote the solution in google play comments.
Thanks for the replies

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