Problems Authenticating to Webdav on Android, but works on PC?

I'm in the process of migrating form Onenote to Joplin. On Windows 10, I've successfully configured the Joplin app to synchronize to my WebDav server. However, on the Android app, using the same path and credentials, I'm getting errors, "Network request failed". Below is what my link looks like that works, minus the X's obviously.

Any ideas?

Are you using a self-signed certificate?

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Have you tried ?

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Port 5006 - Is this an https connection to WebDav on a Synology NAS?

If so it has been discussed before and may be of help:

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My WebDAV server is set up on a Synology Disk Station. I enabled port forwarding, and it all works as intended. Ports 5005 and 5006 were the default ports that the WebDAV installed with. I could always change them if I need to.

Do you use certificates?
Witch DSM Version?

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I ended up using the app, "FolderSync" to synchronize the folder I set up on my WebDav / Synology Server for Joplin, to a folder on the phone. From there, I pointed the Joplin Android app to sync with the local system folder. So far, things seem to working well.

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