WebDAV sync working on Mac, not on Android

Joplin version on Mac: 1.0.178
Joplin version on Android: 1.0.312

I experience this synchronization issue: the same identical WebDAV address is perfectly working on Mac but definitely not working on Android. The app gives me “Network request failed” message. I’m sure I typed everything correctly! I tried disabling e2ee and changing various settings… still nothing works.

Please help!

could anybody share some ideas on possible solutions?
Here’s a screenshot:

Check to see if you have a space at the end of your username and type your password in a note, cut it and then paste it in your password box (typo wow). I found that my mobile phone keyboard on both devices ended up adding a space everytime on my username

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I checked and tried again with your method. It still doesn’t work. I’m now even more sure that the fields are filled properly and correctly. I tried also to disable 2FA on Mega (my WebDAV provider), but anyway it worked perfectly with 2FA on on Mac, so I was already quite sure it wasn’t the problem.

I can’t be of much help, then. I’m sorry.

same here but the other way round:
Mac is not working, Android + iOS works with WebDAV

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Please @laurent can you address / fix this issue on Android? I’m getting crazy here! Thank you, sorry if I bother you too much.

I'm not sure how quickly he can get the Android port out because of all the possible hoops he'll need to go through to get it pushed to the Google Play Store, so it may still be a good bit. I'm still waiting for an iOS update to come out, but I can only imagine that being released even slower with how crazily thorough Apple seems to be with letting devs release updates on their platforms.

I would definitely be patient and possibly, in the meantime, have a secondary note taking option that you can use in collaboration with Joplin if your issues end up being too severe. Joplin is very much a work in progress with a much smaller team than much of what exists out there. :smiley:

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You’re right. It’s just that it’s been a few weeks I’m struggling understanding Joplin and making it work, then I figured everything out and it’s so great, but there’s only this little itchy thing which ruins everything.

BTW, I’m gonna wait and hope. Thank you all!

A new release 1.0.136 was created a few hours ago and it is available in the PlayStore already.

Not that I haven’t mentioned this a few times already, but we have WebDAV tests. They pass. I use Joplin on Android with Nextcloud, but I also have a WebDAV endpoint for testing (Apache httpd dav module). It works and it has been working.

So whatever error you are hitting has nothing to do with Joplin, but either with your Android OS (which version are you using?) or the SSL/TLS config on the server.

Unsupported protocol means that the client cannot establish a proper connection. Joplin uses the OS’s layer for that. So it’s either the client OS or the server that provides or requests a protocol (cipher, TLS version, HMAC, …) which is not available (on one or the other).

I’m truly sorry, but these errors cannot be fixed in Joplin.


Thank you very much for your help! Now I have a clearer idea of what’s going on. I’ll try and change all the possible things in Android which could help make WebDAV work and check again my Mega account (WebDAV provider).

I’m using Android 10 on OnePlus 6T (Oxygen OS stable version). Even with this last update, I encounter the same problem, as you predicted.

Thanks again and sorry if I didn’t understand it’s not a Joplin problem before.