Why Markdown mode sometimes only from external editor?

Hi all,

I'm on Linux and I am experiencing a strange behavior of Joplin while switching in Markdown mode.
When I press the toggle editor mode, switching to Markdown, sometimes I cannot write. I can only press some buttons and if I want to write I have to press the external editor button. Is this a normal behavior?


Hi @balton52

No. Can you be more precise. When you switch to markdown, on what type of layout do you arrive?

Editor / Viewer
Editor / Viewer / Split View 
Editor / Split View
viewer / split view

If it's the last option, you may be in "viewer" mode first. What does it do if you press Ctrl-L ?

Hi, thank you for you reply.

CTRL-L does not do anything.

I can only switch from Editor to Viewer and vice versa (no Split View).
And all the icons are disabled only in the MD mode.

In "display" then "order of layout button actions", which of the 4 options is checked?

Others questions:

  • What is your OS (Windows, Mac, Linux?) and your version of Joplin?
  • Are you using a custom theme? If so, which one?
  • Did you edit the note in question with an external software? If yes, did you "disconnect" the external editing by clicking on the following button ?

Thank you again for your reply

  • There is no Display setting, but in View, I have: Layout button sequence: Editor | Viewer | Split view
  • I have: Joplin 2.6.10 on Linux kernel 4.12
  • I am using the Dark theme
  • Editor font size: 15
  • Yes I know about the "disconnection" and yes, everything is disconnected and supposed to work in MD mode. If I connect it again I can easily modify the MD with an external editor

hum.... Could you share an example of a note with which you have this problem so that we can try to reproduce it ?

I am afraid is not working with any note right now. It used to work. I have installed some new plug-in. I really hope they are not the cause


Which ones?
The best would be to disable them one by one to see if it comes from a particular plugin.

Didn't it happen before installing these plugins?

if I recall correctly it was working months ago. At least a dozen of them. I'll try what you've suggested, it seems a good test. Thanks!

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