Why did soft-breaks change in v2.11.11?

It took my totally by surprise when all my wysiwyg notes turned basically unreadable after upgrading to the latest version of Joplin last night (on Mac desktop). What happened ?
Soft-breaks are no longer interpreted / respected. Any text in a note with many soft-breaks has turned into one endless text "snake" without EOL at all.

  • do others observe this too (on PC or Mac) ?
  • why the change all of a sudden ?
  • did this happen by mistake (and will be corrected) ?
    Soft breaks cannot simply be replaced by hard breaks (return or paragraph mark ...) because the liene spacing for the later is much to big.
    Thanks !

Soft breaks still work for me (Linux).

Are you using any plugins or custom CSS? Does this happen if you create a new note and attempt to insert soft breaks in the rich text editor (i.e. can soft breaks still be inserted with the rich text editor and do they remain after switching notes)?

I can create soft-breaks with shift-return in old or new notes, and they have the desired effect.
But as soon as I leave this note for another one, and return to it - all formatting is gone -> snake text

It can be extremely annoying when a so basic, so "simple" feature changes overnight. Makes you aware that your notes are not entirely in your hands, once written - solid forever.

I suppose this is ready for a bug report on github ??

Yes please add a bug on GitHub but provide step by step instructions on how to replicate it

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Done, thanks for the response.

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Yes, this happens for me as well (2.11.11, Windows, Enable soft breaks is on).
____this is a test [shift-return]
____hello how are you?
( _ are spaces throughout this post ) Looks fine in the rich-text editor, but as soon as you leave the note and come back it's:
this is a test_____hello how are you?
(the leading spaces on the first line are gone)

Note that in markup it's still
____this is a test
____hello how are you?
with a soft break (no lines between them) instead of a hard break (blank line between), it's just not respecting the soft break in the RTE any more.

Thanks for chiming in sizer99, this helps to build the case.

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