Joplin treatment of new lines different than standard markdown?

I've noticed Joplin treat new lines different then most markdown generators and I'm wondering if this is a bug or a deliberate decision.

Usually, new lines in markdown will be ignored unless there's an empty line.


Hello World.
This is a test

Will be rendered as.
"Hello World. This is a test"

To create a new line you need one empty line like this

Hello World.

This is a test

Is this on purpose? I'm not saying it's necessarily negative, but I'm just wondering if that's a bug.

Personally I prefer consistency, as I sometimes use Joplin to author MD and then copy it to other platforms.

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Joplin has both hard and soft breaks. Hard breaks are used by default but you can swap to soft breaks (i.e. "proper" markdown mode) by turning it on in Settings > Markdown > Enable Soft Breaks).

It doesn't change the content of the note, just the rendered output.


Great thanks! Silly of me not to check the settings :slight_smile:


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