Lost return keys - text has run together

Joplin on two Android devices updated from about v1.0.xx to v1.4.11. Joplin in Linux desktop is unaffected.
Editor: Markdown. Edit layout is unaffected.
Problem: Error message with orange background says "some items cannot be synchronized...".
In read-only layout, notes where lines were separated by using the enter key, text is now run together in a single paragraph. About 2000 notes.

Try having a look in Tools > Options > Markdown and check that Enable soft breaks is set to off (unticked).

I had a similar problem when testing two Android devices, with a webdav server, and just a few notes, with a few lines each. Changed the soft breaks setting several times to no avail or effect. I think sth else is going wrong.

Worked for me - many thanks! Which begs the question - why is soft breaks on by default?

IIRC initially it wasn't on by default. Then in a release it suddently was. Then after some posts about it @laurent stated that that it did not make that much sense doing that in Joplin and so reverted the default to off again as of v1.4.19. I guess that v1.4.11 is one of the few versions where it was on by default. Once set the selected option survives upgrades so it is likely only to surprise those who do a full, clean install with one of the older versions and import hard-break formatted notes.

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Very thorough answer - many thanks!