Why are resources regularly broken?


I am getting broken resources somewhat regularly between the same account on different devices (windows/linux) or between different accounts via shared notebooks

Here is a broken image that I pasted on a Windows client in the rich markdown editor, it is broken on Linux. It is not broken on Windows, tested multiple sync efforts with restarts.

I do not use encryption at all. I use Windows 11 installer, Debian Testing Joplin Appimage


the file seems to be in the resources

find|grep -i 89c31ea345fa4f6fa8173449f178dea2


markdown source created automatically by Joplin after pasting it

- <img src=":/e072d13e8fbb438882f4ef9fae750087" alt="1d5a7c7db0e09e8ebf28fe74d93bb6ed.png" width="1098" height="701" class="jop-noMdConv">
- <img src=":/89c31ea345fa4f6fa8173449f178dea2" alt="6199f455bd633133ca9569aa3cc20cd2.png" width="1097" height="752" class="jop-noMdConv">

Do the images show up if you use a ![](:/resourceidhere) markdown tag to insert the images (i.e. is it just the <img src=...> tag that's broken)?


That still looks broken



One this is that I am using Joplin with custom run command, joplin.app.home is where the appimage is

./joplin.appimage --profile joplin.app.home

i wonder if you have the same problem as this one.

would you switch to the markdown editor and check if the images are cited with local windows absolute paths?

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