Embed images links keep on breaking

I’m using Joplin for Desktop on macOS
Joplin 1.0.195 (prod, darwin)

When i embed images they are displayed normal… but when i switch between notes and views the correct link :
(:/bf61ed80c03143c891a9e0d426594a3) changes to :
(…/…/…/…/…:/bf61ed80c03143c891a9e0d426594a3) and then the link is broken.

Could this be related to WYSIWYG!?

@Drallas welcome to the forum.

It seems likely that this is related to the experimental WYSIWYG editor.

Have a look at the GitHub thread for submitting WYSIWYG issues. You’ll see that what you have seen is mentioned as well as some other unexpected behaviours with linked resources. It’s a bit of a long post but you’ll get a good idea of what problems you may encounter when using the experimental WYSIWYG editor.

Thanks for the reply. Didn’t got that far in thet thread but i see now it has been noted.

Happy to have found Joplin for my work related notes / documentation.