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Who takes the biggest cut on donations?

A question for @laurent

Up until today I used to make an annual donation to Joplin, via Paypal, equivalent to what I used to pay for my Evernote Plus subscription. To me that seemed fair for what I was getting out of your work.

Today I decided to convert that to a monthly Patreon payment. I just thought that regular income for Joplin would be a better option.

It was only afterwards that I started to wonder who takes the biggest cut. So what gives Joplin the biggest return for any funds donated; a direct PayPal payment or a Patreon monthly payment?

I am not expecting a detailed answer. Something like PayPal, Patreon, Same would be perfectly adequate :slight_smile:

As an aside I would also to encourage those who have never donated or those who haven’t donated for a long time to reflect upon what value they are getting from Joplin and think about whether it is worth throwing a few dollars / pounds / <insert your currency here> in Joplin’s direction.

(Note: This is a serious question regarding what gives the better return on donations. Also I have not been encouraged to post this by anyone. It is a personal opinion that those who commit a lot of their own time to provide something I find good and useful should get some funding to enable them to carry on their excellent work.)


Lmao. I can vouch for this unlike the other day. :joy:

But, in all seriousness, this would definitely be important to me, since i plan on doing something similar since it’s so far cut out at least two subscriptions for me.

Thanks for your support @dpoulton, that’s always very much appreciated.

Good question, I’ve never looked into it before. Based on recent payments, PayPal seems to take on average 5%, while Patreon takes a total of 12%. It’s more for Patreon because they have a flat 5% fee plus a variable “processing fee”, which is to process the payments from the patrons, and in average it seems to be around 7% for me.

For now GitHub Sponsor has no fees but they will add processing fees in May, so it will probably be around 5-7% too.

I guess Patreon provides an added value, which is the recurring payments, and many people already have an account so there’s nothing to setup is they want to support one more creator. There’s also the gamification aspect of watching the monthly total increase :sweat_smile: So really it’s up to you, of course I appreciate any form of support!

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@laurent, do you know if conversion rates would affect this too? Despite being in the US, I have a secondary bank account with conversion fee free transactions for any purchases in the EU, since that account is hosted in Germany.

Conversion rates would indeed affect the fee too. Payments within the EU I think don’t have any conversion fees.

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Ouch, 12%!!

I’m in the UK and, as Patreon charges in USD, Paypal includes its conversion fee in the exchange rate, it also adds 20% VAT so a $5 payment costs $6, $10 costs $12 etc.

That’s how I looked at it. Just because something is free to use doesn’t mean it’s free to create; GitHub fees, signing certificate fees and probably fees for things I have never considered. I had previously paid a certain amount of money per year for Evernote, a good product but one which I had no control over and with an editor that seemed designed to mangle my notes, and now I did not have to pay for it. Also just because Joplin was free to me it did not mean it had no value to me. I realised that if I threw a bit of cash towards Joplin I was no worse off than I was before.

I will stop now because I do not want to make this some kind of funding request. It isn’t. It’s just a post asking people who use and abuse Joplin to ask themselves, “What is this worth to me?”.

à votre santé

Fair point. Of course, maybe @laurent can check into something for users more local like what Tipeeestream does for Twitch Streamers, where it offers international options too to reduce the overall fees