Joplin does not work on Macos Catalina


I updated my Macbook to MacOS Catalina (Version 10.15.1).
I updated Joplin to version 1.0.174.
When I try to open Joplin, MacOS tells me that it is not able to ope the program, because apple is not able to scan it for Malware and that the software needs to be updated.
I think, this is a 64-bit issue, because this error message appears with all “old” programs (32-bit).
Everything was O.K. before the OS update.
Will there be an update, so that Joplin runs again with MacOS Catalina?
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I’m having the same problem; the Mac OS version now is 10.15.1.


Reading must be really hard…

As mentioned in the link I posted earlier:

As a side note, it is still possible to run the application by going into the system preferences security panel and clicking the ‘open anyway’ button under the ‘general’ tab.

Once you do that, it runs without any problems for subsequent launches.

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