Joplin 2.14.13 Will not load [Fixed in 2.14.14]

Operating system
MacOS on MacBook Air M1

Joplin version
Version 2.14.13 (2.14.13)

What issue do you have?
I copied Joplin 2.14.13 over 2..14.12 and on launch I got a blank window and none of the menus loaded. I waited 5 mins.
The app will not quit and I had to use force quit to close it.
I rebooted the Macbook Air and launched again with the same results then used force quit.

Activity Monitor shows 4 process which have no activity.

The only thing I could find searching in Console was this in system.log:
assessment denied for Joplin-2.14.13-arm64.DMG but overridden bundle:UNBUNDLED Joplin-2.14.13-arm64.DMG 3 UNKNOWN defeated:no usable signature
SenderMachUUID: 38F3C7DC-1A94-3DA7-8080-ADC3C10A8FF9

In follow-up, after installing 2.14.12 over 2.14.13 the app is launching and working without issue.

Joplin 2.14.14 is working correctly.

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