Where are Jopin notes saved?

I am running v.2.9.17 (prod, Darwin) on my 2021 MacBook Pro (M1 Pro chip) running Venture 13.1. I am also running the Terminal version of Joplin, and in order to be able to sync the notes between the desktop and terminal version locally, I have to know exactly where the Joplin notes are saved.

Of course I also use Joplin Cloud, but when I tried to set "Joplin Cloud" as a target for terminal Joplin, it was rejected.

I tried launching the terminal version of Joplin using the command joplin --profile ~/.config/joplin-desktop, and that opens the Terminal version showing the same data as in the desktop app, and so I guess that's one way to deal with it, but if I do that, will changes I make on the terminal show up in the shared data store?

The profile switch isn't supported so just be aware that you could encounter an issue if both clients are connected to the db at the same time.

The "proper" way is just to set up the sync separately on both clients which does mean having two copies of your data locally, each syncing independently.

You should be able to set Joplin Cloud as your sync target, I think it is sync.target 10 and set the username and password similarly.

I finally figured out how to set up the Joplin Cloud sync for the terminal version, and now it seems to be working fine. Please forgive all my newbie questions, but I really enjoy working in/with this app.

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