Lost notes

Emergency. I accidentally delete my local backup of Joplin Desktop. So I tried to do my normal sync. After a few seconds, I realized that I should sync stop the sync and backup my working joplin-desktop folder just i case. After the copy, I started joplin-desktop again and I got a message warning me that all notes will be deleted and that I should go to settings and do a force sync from the source first which I did. That took many hours but it finally completed. That was last night. This morning when I started Joplin, I found that one of my most important notes was missing. Now I'm in panic mode. I initially thought that my first attempt before I stopped and copied the folder as a backup must have deleted some notes during that short time I was syncing. Then I realized that that shouldn't happen since on my second go, I saw the warning about deleting all notes if I continue to sync. Meaning that Joplin is smart enough not to start deleting notes when it's syncing to a clean target.

So I have two questions:

  1. what happen to my notes and how can I retrieve the missing ones?
  2. If the are lost, I also have joplin terminals version that also syncs to the same target. How can I retrieve the missing notes from the terminal client and if that's possible, will the terminal notes have the same formatting if viewed in the desktop version sine they were originally synced from the desktop backup?

I'm desperate.
thanks in advance

If you want to play around with note revisions (if they are still enabled and still exist) then you can use this guide Restoring Deleted Notes

The notes in the terminal app are identical to the ones in the desktop app, in fact I'm pretty sure you can just transplant the sqlite database between them. Just make sure you don't open the application without making sure you don't accidentally sync it (i.e. disconnect from network etc.)

You should also be able to just export from the terminal app to .jex using export like joplin export ./test.jex --format jex

thanks. Unfortunately I just realized that I did a terminal sync after I stopped the first sync on my desktop so the terminal has the same data as my desktop. So I'm pursuing your first option.

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