When setting a note alarm, the date and hour text is invisible (white on white) #6234

This bug is still open and I want to fix it as my first pr. We can change the font color to dark in order to see the alarm details on the white background?
Does this seem right? Can someone give feedback on this idea?

No it doesn't, have you read the comment I made on that issue?

Hey, I saw your comment but I can reproduce the issue on my android phone. I have added a comment below your comment.

So as per my comment:

I see the opposite. Light theme shows the date and time in dark text on white background where dark theme shows dark text on slightly lighter background. (Android)

Edit - Seems obvious in hindsight - its pulling the text colour from the overall theme - if I change the phone itself into dark mode then situation is as you describe (yes I'm one of those light mode freaks of nature).

Change your phone's theme to light mode and replicate the issue in both light and dark Joplin themes.

Yes, you are right! So should I look for another issue?

You are free to pick from any issue you like so long as it has been triaged by the team (i.e. the ones with high and medium tags or good first issue).

You are perfectly welcome to look at this issue if you want, I was just saying that setting the text to dark wouldn't fix it as the text colour is clearly related to the theme on the phone so any fix has to take that into account.

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