Ios / iphone alarm calendar view totally white

i’m using a iphone with ios 13.3 and your app wit the latest available version from app store.
With in a ToDo when i want to add an alarm it open an additional view of a calendar.
But this calendar ist totally white and it shows nothing.
When I’m now tap somewhere it still selects a random date and time and it gets shown in the calendar input field.
I’ve tested this behavior with diffrent settings like:
Theme: light/dark
Fonts: all available
Language: German/English
Date format (german and english)
Time format: (german like /english)
Nothing changed.
Does someone has any hints for me?

@od2017 welcome. This has already been acknowledged as a major bug on github. I would definitely recommend keeping an eye there. Right now, there are no fixes available that can solve it until someone fixes the issue in the code.

Thanks for your hint, I’ll watch the issue on github…

You're quite welcome. The dev team here is extremely small and with #gsoc-2020 coming up, they are very busy getting ready to have Joplin be evaluated by Google. If the app gets selected, that could definitely boost the speed of features being implemented and also provide lots of great exposure and feedback. Joplin is one of the few small team note-taking apps that is available on all major platforms (that aren't gaming, of course); I'd love to see it be used quite a bit more.

Stick around here, chat with other users, share your crazy, creative uses, etc. No one here will bite you and it's a pretty good place to be. :smiley:

Thank you for your invitation to contribute / participate, but i’m not really famillar with js.
If i knew about this and especially about the ios app dev, i would have already looked at the code. But actually as dev and architect for network automation topics and mostly with python dev in charge, i think i can’t help.
You did a great job, because since i’ve seen joplin i’d love the capabilities and mostly based on markdown files that’s a great concept.
I’m using this with my onwlcoud to sync up my mobile and desktop os’es. The alarming capability / feature is also on thing i’d love.

Cool tool !!! 1+++
Great job done.
Cool project.

Aim this at @laurent; this is his project. I'm a user like you that is just starting to contribute. Ha