UI improvements for alarms

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I am not sure if my request would also qualify as a bug. I think form a UX perspective it is a bug. I am on Windows 10 (Joplin 1.0.216).

If you add an alarm to a note or a to-do, the ok-button is partially hidden by the interface, depending on the language (in my case german) it is even fully hidden. I added some pictures below. It is also not possible to confirm the alarm by hitting enter or any other key. This makes adding alarms to notes more cumbersome then it needs to be.

I see two easy solutions: 1. ‘Clear’ could be replaced with a trashcan icon 2. The description “set alarm” and the selection field could be moved to different lines. In that case the input would need more vertical space.

And I have another suggestion also related to alarms. Perhaps the time of the alarm could be part of the headline in the left pane. Perhaps in a smaller font below the actual headline or just in the same line. This would make it much easier to review several to-dos in Joplin and stay on top of things.

in german:

in english:

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same thing in French

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In version 1.5.8 desktop, this problem still remains.

Hi all,
To get around this problem, I finally adopted this method.
Set the date and time of the alarm in the input box, then click underneath the input box next to the calendar, which will immediately be masked.