Font color bug

I am new to Joplin. I tried using the dark themes before and it was working, but now the font color remains black and I can't read anything.
How do I fix this?


  • I haven't changed anything relevant.
  • I think this is only happening in the notebooks that I imported via HTML, in the notebooks that I imported via markdown the fonts change color but have several asterisks flying around.
  • I am using Windows now.

@br0zz welcome to the forum.

Since you last used the dark theme have you added any custom css to Joplin? If so, it could be that the custom css is setting the text black.

No, I haven't changed anything relevant.

If you have not changed anything in Joplin then I can only guess that the HTML you have imported contains styles that sets the text colour as black. This would need removing.

Rather than speculate further, is there a note with the above problems that you could share by saving each as a single note JEX export and posting it here?

Also, we now know you are using Windows but what version and what version of Joplin? This somethimes helps and is why the template that appeared when you created this support post asked for it.

But it was working in the beginning. I imported it from Evernote and never changed the colors there.

I can do this later, but I think I prefer to use the HTML notebooks, if the fonts change color it looks good.

Windows 10, Joplin 2.9.17 (the last version from the official website).

OK. Without seeing examples of the Markdown / HTML of the problem notes I am not sure how anyone can begin to help. I'll leave this thread to anyone who may have suffered something similiar themselves and has a useful starting point.

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