Cant read text from my notes, either white text on white background or black on black

Hello there,

am desperately looking for help before just giving up with Joplin.
Have been through way to many hassles in the past few years and this one, I just cannot live with.

Have just upgraded Joplin once again, hoping to solve inconsistent text color no matter what theme I use.
Some notes have white text on white background and I must use dark theme to be able to read them, some have black text and I must use light theme.
Some notes displays well only if selected in "All notes" section but not if selected in their folder.

The whole thing started a few months ago and it's getting worse and worse after each upgrade.
Hopefully someone here has a quick fix for me since I couldn't find anybody else reporting that behavior.

thank you

macos 10.15.7
joplin 2.7.15
editor WYSIWYG

I assume the notes you have must have some kind of styling applied to them, do you have any <style> tags or any other appearance related stuff if you look at the markdown?

Otherwise can you share an example of a note that has the issue?

Maybe an OS theme override issue as well? I think windows has/had an issue with the system high contrast theme. Could be a macOS theme setting.

I missed this bit on first read, I'm far more inclined to think @CalebJohn's suggestion is correct here but its weird that we haven't had many reports of this from mac users (I've not seen it when using it on macOS myself).

I thank you for your suggestions,

Here is a test note displaying the issue of black text on black background :
<div>this is a test</div>

When selected in its folder, it's rendered with black text and black background using a dark theme in joplin, and no margin on left.
When selected in All notes after having selected first another note, it's rendered with white text on black background and a generous left margin.

I get this behavior no matter if OS is in light or dark or auto (switching from light to dark depending on time of the day) mode.
Am alos using f.lux but don't see that one interfering.

Here is a test note displaying white text on white background while using light theme in joplin:
"test from a copied note."

Here too, it shows no margin when it's not displayed properly.
Looks like I have to select and display a bunch of other note to reproduce the rendering issue, so ti's not each time. Feels like joplin is keeping other settings in memory and resetting when note is selected from another place or after another note rendering which would have reset the colors.

Result is that to read my notes I have to constantly jump from a dark theme to a light one.

omg, even replying normal text here is an issue and my long post just disappeared.

Am done.
Thank you though

This honestly sounds like some kind of OS problem, I'm not aware of anything like this being reported otherwise.
Are you using any plugins (or theme plugins?).

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