What shortcut for GotoAnything to search in note body?

I’ve just realised that since GotoAnything leverages the search engine indexing, it should be fast to use it to search within the note body too, but I’m wondering what shortcut (letter) should be used for it.

At the moment we use # to search tags, @ to search notebook, any suggestion on what letter we can use to search within the note body? Maybe based on what other apps might be doing?

My suggestion would be either ? or $. However, I don’t think it would make much difference, it would be a useful addition to the app though.

Would it be possible to have ? Match everything? (Tags, titles, notebooks, and bodies)

Maybe ? would be the way then. I need to check how that would work out for sorting by relevance though.

I’d like to use / as I’m used to use slash to search for something. Even other GUIs use / as a shortcut for search (e.g. github, discourse, vi, …). IMO ? is not a good choice, because it is used for a backward search (for people who use vi/vim).

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I also like / as option.

That’s a good point.

I like >, because it looks like an arrow pointing inside the note, i.e. the body.
But I don’t care much, / or ? are all fine.

Has this been implemented?

No, not sure what shortcut should be used. Either / or > sounds good. Maybe we should have a vote about it?

CTRL-G (for go…)

/ would be similar to searching in vim... So this could be more intuitive to some users....

But I would be fine with any other key as long as this feature gets implemented :wink:

Once we agree on the shortcut, let’s make a “good first issue” out of it as it’s very easy to add the feature.

Does this mean you start a voting?

This seems like quite a compelling argument for /


Yep, I'm also for /


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So, in which version will this be probably implemented?

Thx in advance

It’s in the loop: https://github.com/laurent22/joplin/issues/2683

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Great! Thx! :slight_smile: