Suggestions for Improving GotoAnything Search


I am a new Joplin user. I love this project and want to say that I am extremely grateful for all of the excellent work that you guys have put in.

I wanted to suggest a few ways that I think the "go to anything" function could be improved. First a brief note on how I am using Joplin. I am storing and using it retrieve the complete texts of lectures. I want to use the "go to anything" search function in order to look for certain terms, see the context of those terms within notes, and then to open multiple notes in order to review them.

To this end it would be helpful if...

  1. The GoToAnything search allowed me to open multiple notes at a time instead of closing out whenever I select a note, making me go and retype my query again. (I am using the note tabs plugin to "hold" notes so that I can review them in turn. But the search process seems needlessly repetitive)

  2. The GoToAnything search allowed me to see all of the contexts of a term appearing in a note. Sometimes a term will be mentioned a dozen times, but the search function will only display three instances. I wouldn't mind if the box for each note expanded downward to include all of the mentions of the term. Perhaps the search could also note beside the note title how many times the searched for term appeared in the note.

  3. The GoToAnything search function allowed me to define how much context around the term appeared (maybe in terms of characters?), maybe this could be altered in the settings options.

Again. This is a wonderful app. I am looking forward to many years of using it. If someone is willing to help point me towards some resources I would even be interested in trying my hand at developing a plugin that would add these capabilites.

All the best to you.

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