What kind of list-based plugin would you like to see?

I'm having a look again at this feature:

The goal is to allow plugins to manage and render the note list. For example, we could imagine a plugin that renders thumbnails of the notes, or one that display the notes in a tabular format.

Those are just examples but I was wondering, if you are a plugin developer or user, what list-based plugin would you like to see or develop?

You can already see some ideas in the GitHub issue under "Example 1" and "Example 2"

It would be very useful to gather as much feedback a possible, so that we can get the implementation right from the start. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome!


Some random ideas:

  • show URL for web clippings
  • created/updated date and time
  • number of checked & unchecked check boxes in a note
  • attachments marker like in outlook

Thanks for the suggestions, I'm adding this to the list of features we'd like to support.

These would be great:

  • Thumbnails
  • URL for web clippings

Assuming it doesn't already exist and I missed it... Could sticky/pinned notes per notebook be a thing? I like MRU note ordering, so having at least one note able to skirt around that and stay at the top would be nice. Or is that out of scope for this thread because this is purely about rendering the list?


Great idea. For me

Size, Updated, Created, Sync status (just a tick would be great), and tags.

I really miss these from my Evernote view.


Yeah, for me too the main use case is having additional columns in the note list to see certain attributes at a glance, and also to easily sort. Personally I would like to have a customisable set of columns as @pjsmith commented, with the ability to sort the note list by these.

I guess the fulll list of columns I would like to be able to display would be:

  • title
  • notebook
  • tag list
  • created
  • updated
  • sync status

So mostly as above, but with notebook included - for me this is really important when searching globally to have an idea of where the notes in my results sit.


Something similar to the Evernote Snippets view would be amazing - this is one of my main impediments to migrating to Joplin i.e. thumbnail with a short section of text from the note.

Custom/programmable content and formatting/colours would be superb. Custom icons/tags? Custom sorting orders, filters, display toggles?