How to control NoteList to display only notes with specific tags?

I use joplin to store my work and life notes. Sometimes, I need to project the content of Joplin notes for my workmates to see. But life notes include my private infomation. So I want to develop a plugin to control Notelist Panel to display only note with specific tags. I read the code of "yo joplin" generated, JoplinViewsNoteList only support renderer API.
I don't see any plugin can control display content os NoteList. Could anyone tell me how to do the next step?

in the search box above the note list, does running this search not yield the result you want?

The example note list plugin might also be helpful here:

Thanks for your reply.
I would like to hava a global setting to specify tags for notes that should be displayed in the note list. so I don't need to search in the note list search box everytime.

const registerSimpleTopToBottomRenderer = async () => {
	await joplin.views.noteList.registerRenderer({
		id: 'simpleTopToBottom',

		label: async () => 'Simple top-to-bottom renderer',

		flow: ItemFlow.TopToBottom,
		itemSize: {
			width: 0,
			height: 100,
		dependencies: [

		itemCss: // css
			> .content {
				width: 100%;
				box-sizing: border-box;
				padding: 10px;

			> .content.-selected {
				border: 1px solid var(--joplin-color);

			> .no-content {
				display: none;

		itemTemplate: // html
				<div class="content {{#item.selected}}-selected{{/item.selected}}">
					<p class="title">{{{note.titleHtml}}}</p>
				<div class="no-content" />
		onRenderNote: async (props: any) => {
			let scenario: boolean = false;
			if (props.note.tags.some(tag => tag.title === 'xxx')) {
				scenario = true;
			return {
				scenario: scenario,

Thanks for your reply.
I modified the note_list_renderer exmple. It doesn't display the note title of specify tags. But there is a blank zone remain.
I know the itemSize value control the size of that blank zone, but the itemSize docment says "The size of each item must be specified in advance for performance reasons, and cannot be changed afterwards".
At least, I try to hide the blank zone by css "display: none", it is not work...