Allow plugins to customise note list items

I've added a draft spec about the feature there:

If you have any suggestion about it or can think of something that could not be done with that implementation, let me know. The goal is to make it as flexible as possible to cover many possible use case.

One issue with this implementation is that only one plugin at a time will be able to modify the note list. So for example, if you install a Thumbnail plugin, and then another one that adds the date below the note title, it won't work - it will be one or the other. It's a bit of an annoying limitation but I can't think of any solution, however if you have any suggestions please let me know.


If it allows to customize list as a whole, not each item separately, then maybe pinned notes?

Would a plugin be forced to apply the style to the entire list regardless of notebook or would it be allowed to apply on a per notebook basis - i.e. could you have the current display for some and the thumbnail/content approach for others?

I understand that you are trying to encourage plugin development, but I wonder if it makes sense to consider adding some of these features into core. That way plugins could be left for the more specialized functions.

I have never used any other note apps, so I can't speak to what is standard. But it seems like showing tags, a snipit of the first lines of the notes, and possibly a thumbnail would be fairly basic.

Otherwise, would it be possible to add in hooks to display information, for example a hook to display buttons, a hook to display things under the title, etc? I'm not a coder, so this is just offered as an idea to maybe sparkt something better.

Thanks as always for your work on this.

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I'm not sure what you mean by pinned notes?

It could be different depending on the notebook but it would be up to the plugin what style to apply depending on what notebook.

Yes but as you can see even though it's basics after many years it hasn't been done. And the plugin API has shown that if you make it simple enough developers will create new features, including some of we haven't thought about. But even if someone were to implement thumbnails or tags display, it would still require quite a bit of refactoring, which would be better spent making the whole list more flexible so that plugins can extend it. And, as it's been discussed before, if it feels like some plugins are essential, we could always package them with the app.

That could indeed be an approach, and it means multiple plugins could change the note list without conflicts. It would maybe be less flexible thought since the plugin could not take over control of the whole note item.


Pin notes to the top of the list so that regardless of the sort order they are always at the top of the list.

See also: [Feature Request] pinned notes · Issue #296 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub


Ok I see. Maybe it's indeed something to consider, some way to customise the whole list rendering instead of individual items. Maybe there should be some kind of customisable header on top where anything can go - so it could be those pinned notes or also headers to sort the notes.

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That'd be better than nothing but I really think this should be part of the core to have it on mobile as well.

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Is anyone working on a plugin for this?
Would be so great to finally be able to view thumbnails etc. in the note list!!