Request ability to display note creation date in List view

It appears that this has been requested by others going back at least 2 years.
Is it possible this can be done? This visual reference seems it's not only important to

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Welcome to the forum,

Recently there were some background changes that potentially can allow creation of plugin displaying various metadata. That's to say that currently there's much fewer obstacles standing in a way to realize this feature. However, someone has to still build such plugin.

From a user standpoint, one can contribute by pulling together use cases and designs existing in other software.

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Meanwhile it can be helpful to sort notes in list-view by creation date, which is already available.

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Coming from Evernote - I love everything about Joplin EXCEPT I'm shocked that there's currently no way to display the date in the note list. Having the date helps so much with finding the right note when you have thousands of notes and you need to pick the right one. Sorting doesn't help.

Can someone PLEASE implement this! It seems like a simple feature to add. Not having the date is almost a deal-breaker for me.

(And note, the date should be the last updated date, not creation date.)

Here's a screenshot from Evernote.

This and more has already been suggested here: What kind of list-based plugin would you like to see?

You can try using the Note Overview plugin as a workaround for now.

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Agreed. It's mind boggling that developers would go through probably thousands of hours of development invested in this otherwise great looking software and fail to say to themselves "Gee, we suspect users must have the ability to view notes entered in date sequential view". What users are going to take time to enter notes in lists and then they exist in some random hodgepodge laundry basket "no order" and one has to search for given note or scan all notes for what one wants to retrieve? If the app depends on an outside plug in to offer such a basic feature, I'll wait until it has it natively.

"Gee, we suspect users must have the ability to view notes entered in date sequential view".

That is already available. I sort my note list by last updated.

What is not currently available is seeing these other fields in the note list. But with Joplin 2.13 (currently in beta), this should be possible, and I'm sure a plugin (if not multiple plugins) will be developed to customize note list views.

This has been discussed before, including very recently. The more features you put into the core app, the more work is required to maintain the app. Remember, this is a free open source app with a very small team of devs, not a corporation with hundreds of devs. If these are features some users don't use, then that's just bloating the app from their perspective. That said, it seems there are plans to incorporate some of the most frequently used plugins into the core.


Can we PAY to have this done.

It should be a very simple change and we need it on the DESKTOP and MOBILE app.


There's now a plugin that can do this called "Note list preview". You can find a discussion on it here:

After you install it, be sure to go to the top menu and select View->Note list Style->Preview

In the Preferences for that plugin you can style it in various ways, which is kind of a pain (see a comment by dansmith65 in the link I posted above)

My note list now looks like this:


I'm going to add to my previous post, maybe it will be helpful.

I was able to get this to work by installing the Note list preview plugin as described above in my previous post.

Once installed select View->Note list Style->Preview from the top menu.

In Joplin->Preferences, under Plugins select Note list preview to access the plugin's settings, hit the Show Advance Settings button. Set the following:

First line: {{date}} {{tags}}
Last line: [blank]

Hit Apply.

Then locate or create your userchrome.css file, according to the docs:
The actual location of the files is ~/.config/joplin-desktop on Linux / MacOS systems and C:\users<username>.config\joplin-desktop on Windows systems. If you have not already opened the css files from within Joplin they initially may not exist in the folder and so will need to be created manually.

Add/replace the contents of userchrome.css with the following (or tailor it to your needs, of course):

.note-list-item .content {
	.title {
        font-family: 'Avenir', sans-serif !important;
		font-size: 1.25em !IMPORTANT;
		padding: 4px 0;
		letter-spacing: .03em;
		font-weight: 400 !important;
	.firstLine {
		opacity: unset !IMPORTANT;
		font-size: .925em;
		opacity: .5 !important;
	.tags .tag {
		border-radius: 1em !IMPORTANT;
		background: var(--joplin-background-color) !IMPORTANT;
		padding: 1px 5px !IMPORTANT;
		color: var(--joplin-color4);
		border: 1px solid #2d6bdc38; /* can't add opacity to theme color, so pulled the hex value from --joplin-color4, then applied opacity */
	.body {
		height: 1rem;
		overflow: hidden;
		word-break: break-all;
		opacity: .5 !important;

Then restart Joplin, and you should see the changes.

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