What happened to command+g search?

I was using 1.2 and upgraded to 1.3 and now the command+g (fuzzy search?) doesn't work. Has it been removed ? It was the search I used all the time

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It was moved to Ctrl+p to align with what text editors such as vim and vscode use.

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Thanks. it doesn't actually show up anywhere in the menu. At least not on mac

PC here, but I can see it in the "Go" Menu, last item, and it shows the CTRL+P shortcut.

Which I don't like, because I'm used to CTRL+P to print... (I'll change it in the Shortcuts settings).

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Oh it does show there. I didn't realize it was called "Goto anything"

that's a good point, I was using command+p to print too. that's the default in most (99% ?) apps

@laurent :point_up:

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You can always change the shortcuts. I myself don't like Cmd+P for the palette or goto anything, but VS Code and Sublime Text also use it, since those apps don't really have to do much printing....

I'm old school, thus I still like to print stuff now and then. However, it is true that these days the need for printing is less important than it was many years ago.
I suspect that people thought "why waste a shortcut for something you barely use?".

Well, I liked it at command+g and the argument that it's goto for other apps doesn't hold when just every other app of this sort already uses command+p for printing. I think it should have just stayed the same. But what do I know ?

Hahaha, just to throw my chaos into the mix, I rebound it to cmd-j to match Evernote's OSX goto feature. Though I think it's Ctrl-q on windows evernote, which we can all agree is the spiciest choice yet

Anyway, hurrah for the fixes to customizable keybindings!

I guess I didn't realize there were keybindings now so it matters much less :slight_smile:

Now read my comment again. Btw, your reply made no sense, since I basically said that I didn't like the switch to Cmd+P. I also said that many apps DON'T use Cmd+P for printing.

dude, chill I wasn't disagreeing with you. You opined that you didn't l like command+p for reason X; I said I think it should have stayed it was for reason Y.

There's no problem here

I'm not talking about or having a problem. I just didn't understand your comment. That's all.

Your tone came across as aggressive. Commanding me to re-read and saying I don't make sense.