macOS: Add keyboard shortcut for Print

Wondering if you'd consider adding the, ⌘ P "Print" keyboard shortcut, for the macOS app?


Keyboard shortcuts are customizable. Joplin -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. You can change print to be whatever you want.

CMP+P is the Goto Anything command by default, but you can change that to something else, or just remove it's shortcut.

Thanks, I'll look into that.

Fwiw, ⌘ P has been the default Mac "Print" keyboard shortcut for like 35+ years, and is part of the Human Interface Guidelines:

Could you consider adding it as a default?


Times change, and people don't print documents as much as 35 years ago. Also I'm not sure why it matters to make it default, since you can change it to anything you want?

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Decades of human interface guidelines precedent is why it should be a default. That shortcut is standard in literally every other macOS app, and has been for decades. That is the entire point of the guidelines. ⌘ P is in every long-time Mac user's muscle memory.

Fwiw, I'm a monthly $ Joplin supporter, and huge fan of the app and your work on it @laurent. I'm not trying to argue or create controversy here. Just trying to advocate for "the Mac way" in open source.

Just to be fair, there are newer apps and also older apps that do use Cmd+P for something else: VS Code, Sublime Text, VLC, ...

That being said, I changed the Goto Anything to Cmd+G and the Command Palette to Cmd+Shift+G.

I also usually have a preference for following precedents as it makes the UI more intuitive. In this particular case however I think that GotoAnything is more important than the Print function and there's a chance it's more often used. GotoAnything is Cmd+P in Sublime Text or VCode.

Talking about VCode, I see they don't even have a Print function showing that it's not really considered crucial anymore. So there's certainly history being Cmd+P for Print and it will most likely be the default for printing in many apps, but today I think it's reasonable to remove it, at least as long as there's a way to change it back for those who prefer.

VS Code and Sublime Text are code editors for programmers though. They have a completely different purpose than Joplin, and I'd argue that the user base is likely also different (without any hard data to prove it, of course). Just speaking from my personal experience, but Joplin is accessible and can easily be learnt and used by people who up to now have relied on MS Word to make their notes. The aforementioned code editors, not so much. VLC is a multimedia player, who would need printing there :wink:?

Printing popularity will probably vary depending on where you live. Here it is still required to print anything official, same as fax machines being absolutely mandatory when dealing with government institutions and such.

Yes that was just an example to show that some apps don't have printing at all. Some years ago people would print source code to share it with others. Today the feature is not available at all in one in the most popular code editor.

But again it is available in Joplin, because it's a note editor, not a code editor, but it's just that the default shortcut is gone for the reason mentioned above

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