Is there documentation for the command palette?

I'm just starting to learn VS Code and am growing to enjoy the command palette. I was reminded that Joplin also has a CP, but I haven't been able to find any documentation about it. Even the words "command palette" don't appear on the help page.

If there is documentation, could someone point me towards it? If not, would you like me to take a crack at writing some? As a non-coder, non-cli user this wasn't something I had ever thought about using before. If there was some documentation about it, more people might start using it.

There's a short section about Goto Anything in but we could indeed add more details.

Are you talking about this on this page:

I foolishly was searching for "go to" and had the hardest time finding it :crazy_face:

Shall I try to write up something short and do a pull request for that page? Would you be interested in a new page with a longer explanation? My idea is to explain it in a way that someone who had never used a command palette could understand it and find the feature useful.


Yes a new page would be nice. Eventually we should split this giant readme file into smaller files anyway, and reorganise the doc.

Great. I have started writing something and after I feel I understand the feature better I will let you know.

A question, are you interested in suggestions for additions to the command palette for core, or do they just get pulled from the code automatically. For example, I don't see one for deleting a note (and I also don't see it in the top menu). Another example, I didn't see one for opening the options.

I did notice the Rich Markdown plugin had a command palette toggle for showing images inline. There are probably more settings in core that might be useful as CP commands.

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